Section G - Personnel

GA Personnel Goals.pdf

GA Personnel Goals

GB Background Checks.pdf

GB Background Checks

GBA Equal Opportunity Employment.pdf

GBA Equal Opportunity Employment

GBAA Veterans Preference.pdf

GBAA Veterans Preference

GBB Retire Rehire Policy.pdf

GBB Retire/Rehire Policy

GBC Staff Qualifications.pdf

GBC Certified Staff Qualifications

GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest.pdf

GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest

GBCB Code of Conduct.pdf

GBCB Staff Code of Conduct

GBCBA Freedom of Expression.pdf

GBCBA Staff Freedom of Expression

GBCC Grievance Procedure Updated - Certified Staff.pdf

GBCC Grievance Procedure for Certified Personnel

GBCD Classified Staff Complaints and Grievances B.pdf

GBCD Classified Staff Complaints and Procedures

GBCE Reduction in Force Policy June 2023.pdf

GBCE Reduction in Force

GBD Coaching Requirements.pdf

GBD Coaching Requirements

GBE Staff Ethics.pdf

GBE Staff Ethics

GBEA Staff Gifts Vendor Relations.pdf

GBEA Staff Gifts - Vendor Relations

GBEC Use Alcohol Drugs Controlled Substances-Final.pdf

GBEC Use of Alcohol, Drugs, and Controlled Substances

GC Cafeteria Plan.pdf

GC Cafeteria Plan

GCBA Professional Staff Salaries Updated 2023.pdf

GCBA Professional Staff Salary Schedules

GCBD Staff Leaves and Absences Updated July 2023.pdf

GCBD Staff Leaves and Absences

GCBDE Family and Medical Leave.pdf

GCBDE Family and Medical Leave


GCBDF ESLB (Extended Sick Leave Bank) Guidelines

GCE Part-time and Substitiute Employment.pdf

GCE Part-time and Substitute Employment - Professional Staff

GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers.pdf

GCI Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

GCK Certified and Classified Workload.pdf

GCK Certified and Classified Workload

GCL Certified Staff Clocking In and Out.pdf

GCL Classified Staff Clocking In and Out

GCN Certified and Classified Evaluations.pdf

GCN Certified and Classified Staff Evaluations

GCPB Resignation of Staff members.pdf

GCPB Resignation of Staff Members

GCPD Suspension and Dismissal.pdf

GCPD Suspension and Dismissal of Staff Members